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Healing Part 1

The Bible shows us clearly that Jesus healed people and He gave His followers authority to do the same; we love Jesus and so we love praying for people. We believe God is our loving Father and that His heart is for all people to be well, living free from sickness and disease. God doesn’t cause or desire that people are unwell or sick. When we lay hands on people in the Name of the Lord Jesus we have to realize just how profound it is.

(see Acts 5:12-16; 19:11)

God wrought “unusual” or “extraordinary” miracles. Everything that God does is a sign from Him and can cause wonder in people. Remember Jesus said - you will do even greater things.

So if the Bible records “unusual” miracles then there are “ordinary” miracles too. Something then was added to Paul’s miracle in Acts 19:11 if it was described as beyond the ordinary. When James Maloney laid hands on someone who was laying hands on someone the power increased to the measure that sparks were visibly seen by those present. This acted as a sign.

What is our response?

The only and correct response is to give thanks and praise to God. But signs can work in various ways.

(See 1 Peter 2:4-10 esp v.8). In this case, the very sign that pointed to the truth, the very thing that should have enabled people to turn to Jesus became the thing they stumbled over.

(see Rom 9:32-33; 1 Cor 1:23; 1 Peter 2:7-8)

The word used for offense or stumbling is the word scandalon - from which we derive our word scandal. The things of God can appear to offend those whose hearts are not surrendered and given over to God. Sadly some will harden their hearts and offer negative comments and pour derision on miraculous stories.

A miracle can become a stumbling block. But hopefully it will be used to bring a person closer to God.

We all have choices. Isaiah 8:11 the prophet hears from God and has to decide whom shall he fear - man or God. Who will he follow - man or God.

In Acts 19, when Paul placed his hands on them it was so powerful those people renounced the occult. People need an encounter with God to experience God’s goodness.

Ephesians 6:10 says Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might

Demonstrated power is kratos, inward power is dunamis that is inward strength in the Lord. The power that is made real to people — that is what they feel, they know — is expressed through our 5 senses.

(See Hebrews 5:13-14 (NKJV)

This is the strongest kind of power known to God and man. It raised Jesus to life. It’s that power within us that seeks an avenue to be released. The reason the power is so mighty is that God, if you will, is backing it up. He’s working as it were behind the scenes. Every time I lay hands on people He wants to show His mighty power. I am specially positioned to to receive His power.

Why so?

Because I am His workmanship. I am God’s poem. Fortunately so too are all those who have a surrendered heart.

Think on this: Before folk will embrace God they need to embrace you!

He doesn’t mind sharing His power with me or with you. As long as we give Him the glory. Sometimes though we might have to wait for our miracle. That is until we’re ready to receive it. At the appointed time.

Why do we have to wait on occasions?

Because we need sufficient foundation to carry forward that revelation so we can minister to others. God needs to prepare us, to do a work in us, in readiness for the work He wants to do through us. God wants us to fully understand what He wants of us. So He can bring a greater impact on our lives and thereby to others. We need to understand we’re the special vessel God wants to use for His special purposes.

Now here’s a sobering thought! Just to keep us firmly grounded.

Just because God does signs and miracles through you

doesn’t mean that God validates who you are in Him

It simply shows His mercy

You could be an anointed fool!

With the proper heart attitude however, we can progress rapidly in the power of God. And the love in our hearts towards people means we will be stepping out of our comfort zone and thereby entrusting God with whatever reputation we think we have! Let me end this section with something for us to dwell on.

Desire to have love in your hearts

more than power in your hands.

Then He will give you both!

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