For His Kingdom

Who and where is the Treasue?

Consider the parable of the Hidden Treasure - Matthew 13:44, the elements are:

  1. 1.the field

  2. 2.the treasure 

  3. 3.the buyer

The interpretation I’ve heard of this parable is:

  1. Jesus / Salvation are the treasure

  2. the man / buyer is a seeking sinner who sells all he has to receive salvation.

But there are significant problems with this interpretation

1) Hearing from God

For many Christians, the idea of hearing from God is foreign, yet Christians have no problem with petitioning God and expecting Him to hear them, but they have great difficulty in believing they can hear from Him!

Hearing from God has often been reduced to getting insight through verses from the Bible. The thought that God speaks directly to individuals seems somehow scary and kind of weird!

Yet hearing from God is Scriptural

2) Boldness

On  the Day of Pentecost, Peter got out of the box. He had courage to address the crowd of onlookers. This is the same Peter who denied Christ three times! Now he has unabashed boldness to preach the Gospel to the same crowd, likely as not, who had earlier crucified Jesus!

  1. What is a Treasure Hunt?

  2. Why Treasure Hunt?

  3. The Treasure Map

  4. The Treasure Hunt

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The Hunt for God’s Treasures will lead the believer into a supernatural lifestyle of building the Kingdom.

Witnessing the love and saving grace of Jesus does not need to be invasive or argumentative. It’s a supernatural encounter where God reveals Himself in a specific way.

The Ultimate Treasure are the people who are just waiting to be discovered. They are the people who desperately and often secretly need a real encounter with God in order to meet the overwhelming needs of their lives and the unfulfilled desires of their heart. And they are everywhere. They are God’s ultimate treasure.

Treasure Hunting is not an event — it’s a lifestyle!