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There’s no Hebrew (Old Testament) word meaning worship, in the sense that we’re familiar with in our culture today. From an Hebraic perspective, worship is the act of getting on your knees and placing your face down on the ground showing respect. One of the Greek (New Testament) words used for worship is προσκυνέω (pros-koo-neh’-o) meaning to 'kiss'. So to worship is to adore from the heart. When we adore God, it’s as if we’re kissing Him. This puts our whole attention on Him which in turn ushers in His powerful presence. Worship is a lifestyle not an event. We were born to worship God.

When we are actively engaged in worship we have greater access to the heavenly realm, meaning we can move ourselves out of the inferior realm, where we pick up negative stuff, and enter in and stand in the glory realm engulfed in His presence.

When we worship, the presence of God and His Kingdom is released into the atmosphere. Worship, in whatever form; adoration from our mouths, dance, music, art etc., terrifies the demonic realm, for they can’t stand to be close to those who are truly engaged in worshipping God. 

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